Apple's Excess Cash Dilemma, Probability of Apple Launching a Tender Offer, Tim Cook Applies Augmented Reality Brakes

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Apple's Excess Cash Dilemma
  • Probability of Apple Launching a Tender Offer
  • Tim Cook Applies Augmented Reality Brakes

We begin today's email by continuing the discussion kicked off in my article, "Apple on Track to Buy 50% of Itself in Three Years." Specifically, we take a closer look at Apple's changing cash dilemma. What was once a foreign cash dilemma is now shifting to an overall excess cash predicament. The discussion then turns to tender offers and the likelihood of Apple launching a tender offer for buying back a significant portion of the company. The email concludes with a closer look at Tim Cook's latest comments about augmented reality (AR). We go over my thoughts and observations regarding Cook's comments and what it implies for Apple's developing AR strategy.

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