Apple Convenes Emergency Mac Meeting, Apple's Revised Mac Strategy, Playing Defense with Mac Pro

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Apple Convenes Emergency Mac Meeting
  • Apple's Revised Mac Strategy
  • Playing Defense with Mac Pro

We kick off today's email with my thoughts on Apple convening five outside journalists for an on-the-record 90-minute briefing to talk about the Mac. We go over Apple's goals for the meeting, as well as the upcoming Mac products in the pipeline. The discussion then turns Apple's revised Mac strategy. There does look to be some rather significant changes. We go over what I think the original strategy was and how a new Mac Pro alters that strategy. I also share my theory on how Apple gave a new Mac Pro the green light. The email concludes with my view that Apple is playing defense with the Mac Pro. The company is afraid of losing one key attribute needed for its mobile strategy. 

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