Apple 2Q17 Earnings Expectation Meters, The Jimmy Iovine Strategy, Microsoft Surface's Awful Quarter

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Apple 2Q17 Earnings Expectation Meters
  • The Jimmy Iovine Strategy
  • Microsoft Surface's Awful Quarter

We begin today's email with my 2Q17 Apple earnings expectation meters. Instead of relying on single-point sales estimates, these expectation meters contain sales ranges that can be used to judge Apple's quarterly performance. By using the expectation meters in conjunction with the earnings preview found in last week's emails, we will be all ready for tomorrow's earnings. The email then turns to Jimmy Iovine's interview with Bloomberg. Apple's near-term entertainment plans are becoming clear. We go over why I think Apple is following a Jimmy Iovine strategy for entertainment. The discussion concludes with Microsoft earnings and a focus on the Surface business. After going over the numbers, we discuss how the Microsoft Surface narrative continues to change. 

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