"Siri Speaker" Rumors Build, The Amazon Echo Narrative Is Off-Base, Companies Abandoning Apple Watch Apps

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • "Siri Speaker" Rumors Build
  • The Amazon Echo Narrative Is Off-Base
  • Companies Abandoning Apple Watch Apps

We begin today's email with my thoughts and observations on the growing number of reports about Apple being close to releasing a Siri speaker to rival Amazon Echo. The storyline found in all of these reports doesn't make sense to me. Instead, my suspicion is Apple is working on a different kind of device. The email then turns to why I think the Amazon Echo narrative found in the press is off-base when it comes to Apple needing to sell a standalone speaker to rival Amazon. The email concludes with news of some major companies abandoning their Apple Watch apps. We go over why I think caution should be used before judging Apple Watch through an iPhone lens.  

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