Apple to Launch Self-Driving Shuttle Service, Project Titan Isn't a Rorschach Test, A $999 OLED iPhone

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Apple to Launch Self-Driving Shuttle Service
  • Project Titan Isn't a Rorschach Test
  • A $999 OLED iPhone

We kick off today's email with a closer look at The New York Times report regarding Apple's Project Titan. We go over news of Apple working on a self-driving shuttle service for employees. The discussion then turns to the broader topic of why there are so many different viewpoints in the tech community regarding Project Titan. In reality, Apple's transportation initiative isn't a big black box as many people make it out to be. We connect all of the dots to get a clear picture of Project Titan. The email then turns to the first official report regarding pricing for the upcoming OLED iPhone. The report matches my initial pricing projections for the premium iPhone. We revisit my pricing projections for the entire iPhone line. 

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