An Apple Watch Aha Moment, Apple Unveils Updated Beddit Sleep Monitor, Stress Test Scenarios for Apple in China 

Today's Above Avalon daily update includes the following topics: 

  • An Apple Watch Aha Moment

  • Apple Unveils Updated Beddit Sleep Monitor 

  • Stress Test Scenarios for Apple in China 

We begin today’s update with a closer look at what I thought was an aha moment for Apple Watch. The discussion then turns to Apple unveiling an updated Beddit sleep monitor. We go over why Beddit was such an unusual acquisition for Apple and how sleep monitoring fits within Apple’s broader strategy. The email concludes with financial stress test scenarios that assume Apple’s fortunes in China sour. The exercise is designed to discuss what could happen to Apple financials in the event of developments such as iPhone sales being banned in China and Apple having to move its supply and manufacturing apparatus out of China.

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