Key Apple Production Partners Report OK Results, Scooter Companies Hit Speed Bumps, Ad-Based Publishing Is Imploding 

Today's Above Avalon daily update includes the following topics: 

  • Key Apple Production Partners Report OK Results 

  • Scooter Companies Hit Speed Bumps 

  • Ad-Based Publishing Is Imploding 

We kick off today’s email with a closer look at Foxconn’s and TSMC’s November results. In particular, we go over what the results say, and don’t say, about iPhone demand. The discussion then turns to scooter companies hitting an air pocket. We also go over the major developments unfolding in the transportation space. The email concludes with Verizon’s breathtaking filing regarding Oath, its digital content division. We go over why Verizon’s disaster with digital content ends up being a symptom of a much larger problem impacting the ad-based publishing industry.

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