Apple 3Q18 Earnings Preview (Setting the Stage), Apple's OLED Diversification Efforts Grow, Mapping Video Talent in Hollywood

Today's Above Avalon daily update includes the following topics: 

  • Apple 3Q18 Earnings Preview (Part 1 - Setting the Stage)
  • Apple's OLED Diversification Efforts Grow
  • Mapping Video Talent in Hollywood

Today's email includes the first part of my Apple 3Q18 earnings preview. We discuss my thoughts on the overall environment heading into next week's earnings. The email then turns to BOE Technology Group Company trying to become an iPhone OLED display supplier. We look at Apple's expanding efforts to diversify its OLED supply. We conclude with Shonda Rhimes beginning to talk about her Netflix deal and what Rhimes' decision tells us about how the best talent view the various players entering the video streaming wars. 

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