Sizing Up Apple's Opportunity in Health, John Giannandrea Poaching Google?, Netflix Ends AirPlay Support

Today's Above Avalon daily update includes the following topics: 

  • Sizing Up Apple's Opportunity in Health

  • John Giannandrea Poaching Google?

  • Netflix Ends AirPlay Support

We begin today’s update with my thoughts on Morgan Stanley’s 48-page report on Apple and healthcare. There was one glaring issue found in the report when it came to Apple and monetizing health that didn’t sit right with me. The discussion then turns to Apple’s recent high-profile addition to its AI team. We look at whether or not Apple’s John Giannandrea, SVP of Machine Learning and AI Strategy, is poaching Google. The email concludes with Netflix ending AirPlay support and why the news is a disappointing one with the long-term Apple / Netflix relationship in mind.

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