Above Avalon Membership (Group Subscriptions)

Gain an edge in the marketplace with a group subscription to Above Avalon.

Above Avalon can serve as your group’s primary and comprehensive source of highly differentiated and accurate Apple analysis. Receive insight into Apple’s strategy, culture, financials, and the industries in which Apple competes in. If it is of interest to Apple, it is something I pay attention to. 

An Above Avalon group subscription is well-suited for a diverse range of companies and teams:

  • Marketing / brand / advertising agencies

  • Apple suppliers / competitors

  • Investment management firms

  • Hedge funds

  • Sell-side / buy-side research

  • Venture capital firms

  • Media / news companies

  • App development companies


Special membership pricing is available for groups (five or more people).

  • Groups consisting of 5 to 20 people: 10% off the individual membership rate

  • Groups consisting of 21 to 50 people 20% off the individual membership rate

  • Groups consisting of 51+ users: Contact me using the form below for pricing information.

As an example, an annual subscription for a group consisting of 10 people is $1,800 (10% off the $200 individual membership rate).

For a fraction of the price of a single report from a traditional research firm, your entire team or company can receive a year’s worth of highly differentiated and accurate Apple analysis, research, and perspective.


Creating a Above Avalon group subscription is very easy:

Step 1: Fill out the form below.

Step 2: I (Neil Cybart) will reach out to you with a customized online payment form tailored to your group for easy and secure payment. My payment processor is MoonClerk and Stripe. Additional payment options are available upon request. I will also ask for the names and email addresses of each person in your group.

Step 3: Payment and invoice receipts are sent once payment has been made. Additional payment documentation is available upon request.

Name of main contact (this is the person that will be the go-to contact for the group subscription) *
Name of main contact (this is the person that will be the go-to contact for the group subscription)

Member Privileges and Benefits

  • Exclusive Analysis. The cornerstone of Above Avalon membership is access to my exclusive daily updates about Apple. Each update is 2,000 words and covers three stories. Sample daily updates can be viewed here, here, and here. Daily updates are sent via email Monday through Thursday. Members also receive my exclusive reports, in-depth examinations into Apple's business strategy. Each report covers one topic, and a new report is published each quarter.

  • Apple Earnings Model Access. Have access to my working Apple earnings model containing financial projections.

  • Priority Email Access. Receive timely responses to all email questions and inquiries.

  • Forum Access. Join other Above Avalon members in a forum containing in-depth discussion and Apple debate. The forum can be accessed here. I (Neil Cybart) personally moderate and oversee the forum.

  • Archive Access. Read daily updates previously sent to members. The archive can be viewed here.

  • Receive Weekly Articles via Email. Receive the Above Avalon weekly article via email. This feature is only available to members.

  • Member meet-ups. Meet me and other Above Avalon members to discuss Apple and other related news items. Prior meet-ups have taken place in San Francisco, Cupertino, and San Jose. Future meet-ups are possible in other cities.

  • Above Avalon Support. Play an active role in supporting Above Avalon as an independent source of Apple analysis. Above Avalon is fully sustained by its members.


Will everyone in our group receive their own username/password?

Above Avalon memberships are unique in that no username or password is required to receive new daily updates after signup. Instead, analysis will be sent directly to each person’s email inbox as they are published. 

Can I add someone to our existing group subscription?

Yes. Simply reach out to me (Neil Cybart) with the new information. Pricing for the new member will be pro-rated to match the duration of your group’s existing subscription. For example, if someone new joins six months into an annual group membership, you will be charged for the remaining six months.

What if I need to remove someone from my group subscription?

Reach out to me and the person will be removed from your group subscription. There are no refunds.

How does the renewal process work?

All subscriptions are set to auto-renew. Before your group subscription comes up for renewal, you will have the opportunity to review your group list and determine if any additions or subtractions are needed.

Do you offer individual memberships? 

Yes. Please visit the regular membership page for information on creating individual memberships.