Some Housekeeping Items After Day 1

Thank you to all those who have shared words of encouragement today. I appreciate it. Since there are some new moving parts and things may have been lost in translation, I just wanted to touch on a few topics. 

1) Subscribe to the AAPL Orchard email. I'm really excited to launch this new email product. I'm currently working on tomorrow's issue right now. On average, the email will include 2-5 Apple-related links followed by some commentary for each story. Some topics will be things that I haven't discussed yet on Above Avalon. All topics will contain more concise conclusions versus what would be included on Above Avalon. My main goal with the email is to get you all caught up with the Apple news cycle (with the right context and insight) in only a a few minutes each day.  The plan is to get the email out by 7AM EST each weekday. 

2) Podcast. I have a weekly podcast called Above Avalon. RSS is here (this should work for Overcast). iTunes link is here.  Pretty straight-forward concept: a new Apple topic each week. The first episode is up and includes a few introductions and Apple Pay comments. 

3) Twitter. Follow @aboveavalon to get every story published on this site.  Follow @sammywalrusIV (that's me) for the "director's cut" of those posts and more broad tweets on tech, news, business, society, etc.  For those familiar with my twitter already know what to expect. 

4) Above Avalon is also on Facebook if you prefer to get your news through that avenue.

Thank you, Neil