Finding the Message in Tim Cook's WSJD Keynote

Event: The WSJ posted the full Tim Cook keynote video from their WSJD conference.

I like watching Apple keynote videos instead of reading transcripts or notes because I consider tone, delivery, and body language as important aspects of marketing.  Let's not beat around the bush, when an executive speaks in public, it's PR. They have chosen that particular location and keynote to deliver a message to a specific group of people.  So what was Tim's message? 

Apple is focused on the consumer.  

A. People still want big screens along with their portable screens. Expect to see continued Mac innovation as well as a larger iPad.

B. People want easy, private, and secure transactions when shopping. Apple Pay. 

C. People like to personalize their tech gadgets.  Offer millions of Apple Watch variations (and play up Macbook Air stickers)

D. People want their personal data to be treated with respect.  Apple follows strict protocol in terms of not collecting certain types of communication data.

E. People want a better way of watching television content.    ______ 

F. People want to monitor their health. _____ 

Those last two items (TV and health) interest me. Cook has repeatedly mentioned how the television is still living in the 1970s and that it's an area of intense interest, but all we have seen to date is a steady, but somewhat slow, stream of content providers putting apps on Apple TV (not exactly thrilling since most still require a cable subscription). I'm becoming increasingly confident that Apple is indeed working on a video product/service meant to bring "TV" into the 21st century. Should we expect something in the next few months? No. Does Apple have talent dedicated on the effort? I suspect yes.

Apple is starting to stress personal health as a top Apple priority with Cook even saying personal health was "imperative" from a social point of view. This stands at stark contrast to reality where health monitoring holds a relatively low priority in society. It's becoming clear that Apple is positioning health as a selling point for Apple Watch due to its ability to capture certain metrics and tracking, but I get the sense that we are in the very early innings of health as an Apple initiative.

While most companies like to say they are focused on the consumer, I think what sets Apple apart from the pack (and why they are a very polarizing company) is that they feel they have been given the mission to give consumers what they should be wanting, often times before consumers even realize it.