Spotify CEO Comments on Recent Anti-Streaming Tone

Event: Spotify CEO wrote a blog post addressing the Taylor Swift departure (I think that says a lot in of itself) and clarifying a few points about music streaming. 

After reading Ek's blog post, I was left wanting more since none of my questions were answered. Overall, Ek's defense of music streaming is that it's a better option than music privacy. While that may be technically true, it doesn't answer the big question: if paid downloads are on the decline, where will the "missing" revenue come from? Beats? iTunes Radio? YouTube? Spotify? Soundcloud? Garth Brooks' new site?  Is the answer that it won't be made up by streaming? Listen to Jimmy Iovine and you get the sense that this problem will only get worse. Much worse. 

Ek's last paragraph:

"We’re getting fans to pay for music again. We’re connecting artists to fans they would never have otherwise found, and we’re paying them for every single listen. We’re not just streaming, we’re mainstreaming now, and that’s good for music makers and music lovers around the world."

Music artists use Spotify to build their fan base, not make money.  That's great for music artists, but is it great for music?