Above Avalon Podcast Episode 147: A Faster Bumper Car

In episode 147, we take a look at the changing competitive landscape facing the giants (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft). Comparing the situation to bumper cars, we discuss why Google and Facebook have the slower cars that are no longer able to hide within the traffic. Additional topics include deep dives into three competitive battles in particular: Apple vs. Google, Apple vs. Facebook, and Amazon vs. Facebook vs. Google.

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Will Your Mom Love Google+?

Normal consumers are more likely to try out a new product if they hear their children raving about it, or watch Diane Sawyer report on it during the evening news.  Normal consumers are more likely to try out a new product when they feel left out by their reluctance to “join the movement”. Grandparents and parents are joining Facebook because all they hear from their children and grandchildren is “it’s on Facebook” or “go on Facebook to see it”.
I suspect Google realizes how popular Facebook has become with the masses and will rely on what it does best to get people to use Google+; force users (Gmail, YouTube, search) into interacting with Google+ in one form or another.
Force is the wrong word.  I mean coerce.