Above Avalon Episode 27: Thinking About Cars

Episode 27 is the official beginning of my journey into talking about the future of the automobile. It is now time to begin moving the discussion beyond whether Apple will enter the automobile industry and toward how Apple will get involved with personal transport. Additional talking points include the iPhone's success and how it gives us clues as to how Apple thinks about the car market and the changing value proposition in the automobile industry. We will also discuss why Uber and Apple will increasingly compete with each other and how Tesla may stay a pioneer in the electric car market. 

Show Notes:

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Apple Wants to Design a Car as Ambition Knows No Bounds - Above Avalon

The Inside Story of How the iPhone Crippled Blackberry - WSJ

Carnegie Mellon Reels After Uber Lures Away Researchers - WSJ

Uber Joins the Bidding for Here, Nokia's Digital Mapping Service - The New York Times

For Some Teenagers, 16 Candles Mean It's Time to Join Uber - The New York Times

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