Above Avalon Episode 80: Let's Talk the New MacBook Pro

I am back from Cupertino and Apple's Mac keynote. Episode 80 is focused on the new MacBook Pro. We begin the episode with a few observations I had after attending the presentation. The conversation then turns to defining the Mac within Apple's product line. The Grand Unified Theory of Apple Products is revisited to assess how the Mac has been doing in relation to the iPad and iPhone. After going over three possible paths forward for the Mac, we spend time discussing which option Apple chose and why the new MacBook Pro is such a big bet for Apple. After discussing Microsoft Surface Studio, the episode concludes with a look at The Apple Innovation Feedback Loop that ties everything together. To become an Above Avalon member, visit AboveAvalon.com/membership.      

Show Notes:

Above Avalon Podcast Episode 44: The Grand Unified Theory of Apple Products

Apple Is Placing a Big Bet with the New MacBook Pro (Above Avalon Weekly Article)

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