Above Avalon Episode 53: Learning from Tesla

After a few brief words on Tim Cook's message to customers regarding iPhone security and the San Bernardino case, Episode 53 is dedicated to the car industry. Beginning with a look at Tesla's most recent earnings report, we discuss the progress Tesla has been making as an auto manufacturer and why the company has a balance sheet dilemma. Next, we take a closer look at why suggestions that Apple should buy Tesla are off base. The second half of the podcast is focused on the car and why auto production is the single biggest factor to watch in the changing auto industry. More information on Above Avalon memberships can be found at AboveAvalon.com.

Show Notes:

Standing on Tesla's Shoulders - Above Avalon

Tim Cook's "A Message to Our Customers" - Apple

Tesla 4Q15 Shareholder Letter - Tesla  

Apple Expands Autonomous Driving Team - Above Avalon (member email)

Introducing New Above Avalon Membership Features and a Slack Team - Above Avalon

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