Above Avalon Episode 56: Competing with Facebook

In this episode, we discuss the rivalry between Facebook and Apple and the degree to which Facebook is an Apple competitor. We begin by discussing my Facebook experiment. I stopped using Facebook properties for six months in order to analyze the product. After going over my five primary observations from the experiment, we tackle the debate about whether or not messaging apps will eventually threaten mobile operating systems. Next, we look at Facebook and Apple's relationship and why they are not competitors, but actually partners. The episode concludes with a look at how the Facebook vs. Apple relationship could change in the future based on each company's mission. More information on Above Avalon memberships can be found at AboveAvalon.com.

Show Notes:

A Facebook Experiment - Above Avalon

Quartz's first news app for iPhone - Quartz

Samsung (and Facebook) at Mobile World Congress - Above Avalon (member email)

More information on Above Avalon memberships - Above Avalon

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