Above Avalon Episode 121: Controlling Sound

In Episode 121, Neil discusses Apple's strategy for controlling sound in our lives. The discussion begins by going over Apple's motivation for controlling sound and the central role music plays in it. The episode then turns to the two parts of Apple's strategy: sound on the go and sound in the home. Neil goes over how iPod, iPhone, AirPods, and now HomePod, play a role in Apple's strategy for controlling sound. The episode concludes with a few reasons why Apple's sound in the home strategy appears to be much more precarious than its sound on the go plans. Receive Neil's analysis and perspective on Apple throughout the week via exclusive daily updates. To subscribe, visit AboveAvalon.com/membership.   


Apple's Strategy for Controlling Sound (Above Avalon weekly article)

Steve Jobs introduces original iPod (YouTube)

The first iPod commercial (YouTube)

Steve Jobs introduces the iPod Hi-Fi (YouTube - starts at 12-minute mark)

HomePod - Welcome Home by Spike Jonze (YouTube)

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