The Above Avalon Member Portal

The following links and forms are for Above Avalon members.

To become a member, visit the membership page



Daily Updates Archive. Read daily emails previously sent to members. Access to the Above Avalon team in Slack is required to read previously sent daily emails. 

Member Forum. Chat with other Above Avalon members. 

Contact Neil. Reach out with questions about your Above Avalon membership.



Request an invite to the Above Avalon team in Slack. Use this form to register your email address for the Above Avalon team in Slack. Since access to the Slack team is optional, requesting an invite is required. The Above Avalon team in Slack is where the member forum and Daily Updates archive are located. 

Sign up to receive a consolidated weekly version of the daily emails. Use this form to receive a consolidated email version of the daily emails. Published every Saturday, the weekly email version contains the same topics and analysis found in the daily emails. The difference is that four daily emails are consolidated into one (longer) email. Subscribing to the weekly email will have no impact on your daily email deliveries. 

Convert a monthly membership to an annual membershipUse this form to convert your monthly Above Avalon membership to an annual membership.