Calculating the Size of the iPhone User Base, Apple TV Crawling Towards Launch, Apple/BMW Follow-Up

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Calculating the Size of the Current iPhone User Base - We discuss the various data points used to derive my latest estimate for the number of iPhone users out in the wild. 
  • Apple TV Crawling Towards Launch - Nothing related to TV and video are guaranteed successes for Apple in this environment. 
  • Reuters on Apple/BMW - Reuters collaborates much of what we discussed last week that Apple wasn't just interested in the BMW i3 body, but instead more important things.

We begin today's email by going through the steps of calculating the size of the current iPhone user base, which serves as the foundation for addressing the topic of iPhone growth potential. Next, we discuss the BuzzFeed report about Apple TV being announced next month, and why my expectations surrounding Apple TV aren't too elevated. We conclude with a brief update on our Apple/BMW car discussion from last week, courtesy of Reuters.

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