The iPhone Is Stifling GoPro, User Apathy Toward Apple Software Quality, Thursday Q&A

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • The iPhone Is Stifling GoPro
  • User Apathy Toward Apple Software Quality
  • Thursday Q&A

We kick off today's email by discussing GoPro's 4Q15 earnings report and conference call. The company appears to be doubling down on its current strategy despite evidence showing that the iPhone is GoPro's ultimate problem. We then switch over to deteriorating Apple software quality and why Walt Mossberg's latest piece stood out to me. The most important topic concerning Apple software has more to do with user apathy. We conclude with Thursday Q&A and two questions from members: "Are there any implications for Apple related to Xerox being split into two companies?" and "Should Apple replace Citizens Financial Group and handle the financing associated with the iPhone Upgrade Program?"

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