Amazon Brick-and-Mortar "Bookstores," Judging Apple Share Buyback Success

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Amazon Brick-and-Mortar "Bookstores"
  • Judging Apple Share Buyback Success

We begin today's email by going over one of the more intriguing stories to hit the tech space in a while: Amazon is looking to open 300-400 "bookstores." We take a deep-dive into the rumor and discuss why Amazon would open hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations and how it would impact Apple and the broader retail and consumer tech space. We then switch over to Apple's share buyback program to judge how successful management has been with share repurchases. After going over management's buyback history, including average prices paid for shares since 2012, we discuss how success is measured with buybacks and if management has been making the right decisions.  

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