Above Avalon Membership (Weekly Option)

Receive all of my analysis and perspective on Apple via a special edition weekly email containing 10-12 stories/week for $20/month or $200/year. Above Avalon is unique in that no username or password is required to read new member-only material after signup.

This is the only option to receive all of the week's daily emails consolidated into one email (approximately 8,000 words). For the daily email option, click here

Story topics include:

  • Strategy and business analysis
  • Financial modeling and estimates
  • Perspective and observations on current news events, competitors, earnings, and keynotes

A few sample emails can be found herehere, and here. The weekly email is sent every Saturday.

Privileges and Benefits

  • Exclusive Analysis. Receive the special edition weekly email containing analysis and perspective, 100% related to Apple.
  • Member Archive. Easily access previous daily emails sent to members. The archive can be viewed here.
  • Slack Team. Communicate with other members in the Above Avalon team in Slack. Members live in 54 countries and hold a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations.
  • Priority Email Access. Receive timely responses from me to all email questions and inquiries.
  • Above Avalon Weekly Articles via Email. Receive the weekly Above Avalon article via email. This feature is only available to members.
  • Above Avalon Support. Play an active role in supporting Above Avalon as an independent source of Apple analysis. Above Avalon is 100% supported by its members. 


Members can choose either a monthly or annual subscription. Payment is hosted and secured by MoonClerk and Stripe. You will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to update your information and subscription in the future.



Memberships are designed for a single user. To purchase and manage multiple subscriptions (five or more) for your team or company, contact me directly.

Membership FAQ

I just became a member. What is my username/password?

Above Avalon is unique in that no username or password is required to read new member-only material after signup. Instead, the weekly email will be sent directly to your inbox. 

To access the archive and communicate with other Above Avalon members, simply fill out this form to receive an invite to the Slack team. You will then receive an email with login information.

Note: Joining the Above Avalon team in Slack is optional for members. All of my analysis and perspective is found in the daily emails.

Is there a way to read the daily emails in a web browser?

Yes. Each email contains a link at the top that allows it to be viewed in a browser.

Can I update my payment information after signing up?

Yes. Members can update payment information at any time. 

Can I change my monthly subscription to an annual subscription?

Yes. Monthly payment receipts contain a link to an automated form that can be filled out to seamlessly convert a monthly subscription to an annual subscription.

How do I gift an Above Avalon membership?

Above Avalon Gifts will return for the 2018 holiday season on November 26th, 2018. Mark your calendars. In the meantime, to gift an Above Avalon subscription, sign up for a regular subscription up above and let me know the gift recipient's email address.

I have additional questions about Above Avalon membership. Where should I turn? 

I can answer your questions. Use this contact form to reach me.