Above Avalon Episode 135: The Gray Market Factor

In episode 135, we look at how the gray market for refurbished and previously-owned iPhones is impacting Apple’s iPhone pricing strategy. The discussion begins with a closer look at iPhone ASP (average selling price) trends and my thoughts on how the gray market is impacting iPhone ASP. We then go over the three key ingredients needed to sustain a functioning gray market for iPhone. Additional topics include: iPhone durability, the iPhone Upgrade Program, iPhone residual values and depreciation, and future iPhone ASP trends. Receive my analysis and perspective on Apple throughout the week by becoming an Above Avalon member and receiving exclusive daily updates. To become a member, visit AboveAvalon.com/membership.   


The Gray Market’s Impact on iPhone Pricing (weekly article)

Size of iPhone Gray Market (daily update)

3Q18 iPhone Unit Sales Mix (daily update)

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Neil Cybart (host/producer)

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