The European Commission's Ireland/Apple Decision, Tim Cook's Blistering Response, Google Is Going After Uber

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • The European Commission's Ireland/Apple Decision
  • Tim Cook's Blistering Response
  • Google Is Going After Uber

We begin today's update by going into detail about the European Commission's decision regarding Ireland giving illegal state aid to Apple. We go over near-term and long-term Apple implications, including how the decision relates to Apple's current tax rate, accrued taxes, and overall EPS. The email then turns to Tim Cook's response to the European Commission. I also share my view on this entire situation involving Ireland, Apple, taxes, and the EU. The email concludes with a closer look at how Google is going after Uber in the U.S. by expanding its Waze carpooling service. I share my thoughts on the move and the major themes becoming visible in the transportation industry in recent months.

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